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Lima Losers RPG

Quinn Fabray:
At first glance, Quinn fits the stereotype of your typical high school ‘it’ girl, but looks can be deceiving. Sure she’s blonde, beautiful, smart and popular, but beneath the no nonsense tough as nails HBIC exterior McKinley High’s former Head Cheerio and President of the Celibacy Club shows the rest of the world, is a fragile and insecure young woman craving love and approval. In her sophomore year she dated Finn Hudson, the pair were your cliche’ “it” couple, and although she genuinely loved the boy, she let herself be tempted by McKinley High’s resident bad boy Noah Puckerman and became pregnant after a drunken one night stand. She convinced Finn he was the father although they’d never had sex, joined the Glee club to keep tabs on him when she felt she was losing her sweetheart to the resident diva Rachel Berry. Little by little she lost everything, Coach Sue Sylvester kicked her out of Cheerios, her parents kicked her out of the house and when the truth finally outted, Finn threw her out of his life. Quinn picked herself up, dusted herself off and quietly worked to rebuild a her life and change for the better. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Beth, who she gave up for adoption and spent the summer piecing her relationship with her mother back together after she’d left her father. Now in her junior year of high school, Quinn came back stronger than ever, regaining her Captain position in the Cheerios and found love when she wasn’t even looking for it in the form of a hot blonde transfer student named Sam Evans. She fell hard and fast for the boy, even though he’s a total dork, he pretty much had her at ‘I am Sam, Sam I am’. He’s made her happier than she ever imagined she could be, but that hasn’t meant their relationship has been minus it’s complications. Old feelings for Finn still linger and the pull toward her first love has caused a definite strain on her budding relationship with Sam. She never imagined one could love two people at the same time, now she’s just trying to figure out which boy is ‘The One’.

Lima Losers RPG | Character: Quinn Fabray | Player: Summer (game admin)

3 years ago on 19 February 2011 @ 10:53pm

Sam Evans:
Sam Evans was born in California and spent 16 years there with his parents. He attended an all Boys boarding school and never really learned how to interact with girls, resulting in corny pick up lines and geeky impersonations. He moved to Lima, Ohio in his junior year of high school and is adapting to a new school and a dual sex social environment. He quickly found his place with the jocks and hopes to build a good reputation. He recently joined ‘New Directions’ William McKinley High school’s ‘Glee club’ at the urging of  the Captain of the football team, Finn Hudson. He is body conscious, bordering on near obsession. Constant exercising, and adhering to a strict diet. He is someone you can trust and confide in. Romantically involved with Quinn Fabray, and the boy is madly in love with her, resulting in him giving her a promise ring early into their relationship. His family is falling apart but he is determined to make sure that his life doesn’t end up that way.

Lima Losers RPG | Character: Sam Evans | Player: Kourtney (game admin)

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Finn Hudson:
Finn is the quarterback on the football team, trying to juggle football and glee club all while making time for Halo. He was going out with Quinn for a long time until he was cheated on. He took it hard since he was prepared to be the father of Quinn’s baby. He then fell for Rachel, unhappy when he lost her to Jesse before getting her back, the losing her again and again. Being cheated on a second time by Rachel, then trying to give her once more chance but being disappointed again when Rachel chose Jesse a second time. He is trying to deal with his remaining feeling for Quinn, knowing that she’s with Sam and is in love with him. So much girl drama for one guy.

Lima Losers RPG | Character: Finn Hudson | Player: Paige

3 years ago on 19 February 2011 @ 10:52pm

Rachel Berry:
Rachel is a very driven girl who knows exactly what she wants. She’s been performing since she was 3 months old (when she won her first dance competition) and has a killer voice and diva attitude. She can cry on command and dances ballet. Rachel was romantically involved with Finn Hudson for a long time, but they had a messy breakup and are now trying to repair their friendship. She was then involved with Jesse St. James, who was an unhealthy influence on her. She’s still recovering from the relationship, and is now with Noah “Puck” Puckerman. Her attitude and obsession with being the best in glee has made her a prime target for bullying, from both the football team (who “slushie” her on a regular basis), the Cheerios, and her own team mates. Lately, though, she has become friends with most of her team, having mellowed out a little after starting her relationship with Puck.

Lima Losers RPG | Character: Rachel Berry | Player: Megan

3 years ago on 19 February 2011 @ 10:52pm

Noah Puckerman:
Noah Puckerman is the badass of William McKinley High School. Everyone calls him Puck except Rachel, which is only because she insists since it’s his real name. His mohawk lets everyone know he isn’t someone to mess with. He plays football and joined Glee Club during sophomore year. Glee Club made him who he is today. He is still the same badass punk, just with a softer side. His love for music makes him want to do something with his life and not be a Lima Loser like everyone thinks he is going to be. He is known for dating girl after girl, not committing to anyone. His sophomore year he became a dad. Quinn Fabray gave birth to their daughter Beth, who was given away for adoption. It killed him to give her up but he knew it was for the best. Puck eventually became close to Rachel Berry his junior year, which led him to asking her to be his girlfriend. Rachel has changed his life and has helped him forget about his shameful past. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it, and thanks to Rachel she helped him realize he isn’t some idiot that won’t go anywhere in life. Puck now wants to get involved with music after high school and go to college. He wants to prove everyone wrong, that someone like him can turn his life around…while still maintaining his badass image.

Lima Losers RPG | Character: Noah Puckerman | Player: Shannon

3 years ago on 19 February 2011 @ 10:52pm

Tina Cohen-Chang:
Tina is often known as “The Asian” by people outside of glee club. She is the club’s resident “goth”, as she dresses very edgy and has an almost scary sense of style. Underneath that, however, she’s actually very bubbly and sweet, and gets along well with the other members of glee. She’s the club’s relationship advisor and therapist, as she likes to listen to what others have to say, and looks at every situation with a very objective opinion. She faked a stutter for years and is finally coming into her own now that she’s ditched the image. Tina is dating Mike Chang, the “Other Asian”, and was romantically involved with Artie Abrams last year. The two are still friends, but the friendship is strained, as Tina cheated on Artie with Mike, though no one knows except those involved and Quinn Fabray, Tina’s best friend.

Lima Losers RPG | Character: Tina Cohen-Chang | Player: Megan

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